Welcome to Dan River Outfitters, North Carolina, a captivating destination for outdoor enthusiasts. 

We are rebranding to Floatery (FLOATERY.COM), which will be completed by 4/26/24 for online booking for your Tubing Adventure and Camping Needs.

Why the rebrand you may ask?
The addition of a few offerings (announcing soon) and we didnt want to be limited to JUST the Dan River and NC.  We have hopes of offering Floats on the Mayo River as well.  Being partnered with some amazing people who can handle my “Outside of the Box” thinking, why limit this goodness to the Dan River? If your first River Tubing/Camping trip is amazing, then you are more than likely to give up some screen time to do it again, that is what its all about.  Still the happy, small town vibe you are use to when visiting.  We will never be that company that simply carts you up river, we truly care if you have an amazing time and if not will address those issues promptly.

Your purchase will continue to go towards the Restore of a 1931 Motel that has been abandoned for 45+ years!  Grogans Tourist Court was a happening place back in the 1930’s.  Our goal is to bring it back to life with the focus being quality.  Covid hit on the purchase year of late 2020, then inflation took a huge toll on the restoration efforts.  This project is self funded and a ton of sweat equity involved, so yes the project takes more time.  Every dime we make on Tubing and Camping goes to the resoration efforts of this beautiful building. We call it a labor of love and adore you all for your contribution to the cause.
More info on this project: grogansriverfront.com

We are here for any questions you may have, give us a call at 336.916.7070 or send us an email at gc@floatery.com

SEASON OPENS JUNE 1, and we cant wait to see all your smiling faces